Inspirational Quotes By Wise Men

By Profession

The power that words wield is unfathomable. As self-help writer Robin Sharma has correctly said, "Words can inspire. Words can destroy. Choose yours well." While a few kind words can act as soothing balm to the battered soul, inconsiderate words can inflict wounds that last a lifetime. Wise men who hail from all aspect of society have inspired us with their words, over the years. Be it, conqueror and Macedonian King Alexander the Great or the Führer aka Hitler, or US President George Washington or English Prime Ministers Sir Winston Churchill, leaders from all seven continents have left a lasting impression with their famous utterances. Great philosophers and social reformers like Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Mother Teresa and Annie Besant have steered mankind onto a path of prosperity with their sayings. Writers like William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Sylvia Plath, Jhumpa Lahiri, J. K. Rowling and Anne Frank have weaved magic and brought about revolutions with their words. Though the work of musicians and film & theatre personalities speaks volumes for them, however throughout centuries their quotes and sayings have mesmerized the populations alike. Quotes from eminent scientists like Netwon, Einstein, Marie Curie, Vikram Sarabhai, and C. V. Raman have inspired and ignited the minds of many and inspired them to dabble with the mysteries of nature. We have put together a collection of famous quotes and sayings by eminent personalities belonging to different professional backgrounds. Delve into the section to rev up your beaten and down trodden spirit.

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