Amazing Quotes By Famous Philosophers That Will Help You Channel Your Inner-Self.

Many understand Philosophy as wisdom or learning. The study of anything which deals with the existence of life or reason and logic behind any activity comes under the broader scope of philosophy. As such science, arts, commerce everything is encompassed under the umbrella of philosophy. Did you know that it was ancient mathematician Pythagoras who came up with the nomenclature. However he insisted that he was not the wise one instead he was a lover of wisdom. "Another important pillar of Western philosophy was Socrates, who also insisted that the he was a mere pursuer of wisdom. As demonstrated by the two men it is quite evident that true wisdom lies in accepting one’s ignorance. Only when one is aware of their weakness will they be able to work on improving themselves. Over the years humankind has witnessed numerous intelligent men and women who possessed immense knowledge. Listen to the wisdom of other such learned men like Plato, Aristotle, Buddha and Dalai Lama among others. "In this section we present to you the quotes of some famous philosophers across the globe.

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