Quotes By Topic

Be it in school or at work or maybe in your favorite book or movie, we all have come across quotes and even used them at some point of time or other. But have you wondered what it is about quotes that make them so popular? Is it the fact that it portrays what you're trying to say or is it the person who said the lines that these mere words get eternalized. Whatever the reason be, we cannot deny that a good quote can inspire us in the darkest of time and uplift our moods.

In this section we have come up with an assortment of quotes, to suit each mood and occasion. Be it to motivate yourself or be it to sweep your crush off their feet, we have quotes from some of the most famous personalities across the globe to help you. Are you a budding sportsperson looking for some inspiration? Then fire your spirits with these famous quotes by legendary sportspersons without further ado. If you are looking for leadership quotes and motivational quotes that will help you to deliver that perfect business pitch or fill everyone in your team with enthusiasm, go no further.

Trying to find out the quote from your all-time favorite movie star or author? Worry not and delve into our extensive collection of quotes.

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