101 Beautiful Quotes About Mother That Tell Us How Blessed We Are To Have Her

A mother is a person who takes all the pain to bring us in this world. The responsibility which she takes up even before her child’s birth becomes a lifetime thing. Our mother is the one who understood us when we did not learn to speak and even as grownups she understands us even before we say something. Our desires, our wishes, our pains or our dilemma, nothing remains hidden from her. She is the one who knows us better than we know ourselves as she can find our deepest thoughts. If we believe in mind readers, we know that it is none but our moms.

When we grow up, our studies or career might compel us to stay away from home and our mother but even in those times, she is there for us always! We might forget to talk to her in the hustle bustle of our lives but she makes sure that she hears from us regularly, no matter how busy she is. We are her world.

Some blessed souls have said beautiful things about their mothers and herein, we bring a collection those quotes.

If you can't go back to your mother's womb, you'd better learn to be a good fighter.

- Red Azalea, Anchee Min

No man is poor who has a Godly mother.

- Abraham Lincoln

The only love that I really believe in is a mother's love for her children.

- Karl Lagerfeld

The Simple Path Silence is Prayer Prayer is Faith Faith is Love Love is Service The Fruit of Service is Peace

- Mother Teresa

But kids don't stay with you if you do it right. It's the one job where, the better you are, the more surely you won't be needed in the long run.

- Pigs in Heaven, Barbara Kingsolver

Being a mother is an attitude, not a biological relation.

- Have Space Suit—Will Travel, Robert A. Heinlein

My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her.

- George Washington

What's your heart telling you to do? I don't know.' Maybe, you're trying too hard to hear it.

- A Walk to Remember, Nicholas Sparks

Children are knives, my mother once said. They don't mean to, but they cut. And yet we cling to them, don't we, we clasp them until the blood flows.

- The Girl with No Shadow, Joanne Harris

Perhaps it takes courage to raise children..

- East of Eden, John Steinbeck

I don't know what it is about food your mother makes for you, especially when it's something that anyone can make - pancakes, meat loaf, tuna salad - but it carries a certain taste of memory.

- Mitch Albom

My mom smiled at me. Her smile kind of hugged me.

- Wonder, R.J. Palacio

The best place to cry is on a mother's arms.

- House Rules, Jodi Picoult

I like it when my mother smiles. And I especially like it when I make her smile.

- Viola in Reel Life, Adriana Trigiani

Art is the child of nature in whom we trace the features of the mothers face.

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

A mother's body remembers her babies-the folds of soft flesh, the softly furred scalp against her nose. Each child has it's own entreaties to body and soul.

- Barbara Kingsolver

I realized when you look at your mother, you are looking at the purest love you will ever know.

- For One More Day, Mitch Albom

I love you every day. And now I will miss you every day.

- For One More Day, Mitch Albom

My mother said the cure for thinking too much about yourself was helping somebody who was worse off than you.

- The Bell Jar, Sylvia Plath

You are evidence of your mother's strength, especially if you are a rebellious knucklehead and regardless she has always maintained her sanity.

- Killosophy, Criss Jami

He didn't realize that love as powerful as your mother's for you leaves its own mark.

- Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, J.K. Rowling

But what Mom never told me is that along the way, you find sisters, and they find you. Girls are cool that way.

- Viola in Reel Life, Adriana Trigiani

By day the banished sun circles the earth like a grieving mother with a lamp.

- The Road, Cormac McCarthy

Fathers. Mothers. With all their caring and attention. They will f--- you up, every time.

- Snuff, Chuck Palahniuk

I loved my mother too,' I said. 'I still do. That's the thing - it never goes away, even if the person does.

- Eve, Anna Carey

Maybe it's just a daughter's job to piss off her mother.

- Diary, Chuck Palahniuk

You realize that you habitually thought of Mom when something in your life was not going well, because when you thought of her it was as though something got back on track, and you felt re-energized.

- Please Look After Mom, Kyung-Sook Shin

I dream of giving birth to a child who will ask, Mother, what was war?

- Eve Merriam

Of course mothers and daughters with strong personalities might see the world from very different points of view.

- The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane, Katherine Howe

When you feel neglected, think of the female salmon, who lays 3,000,000 eggs but no one remembers her on Mother's Day

- Sam Ewing

Turn off the light," she says as she walks away, creating a small woosh that smells sweet and chemical. It makes me sad because it's the smell she makes when she's leaving.

- Running with Scissors, Augusten Burroughs

Some ghosts are so quiet you would hardly know they were there.

- The Butterfly Cabinet, Bernie Mcgill

She wanted to eat my heart and be lost in the desert with what she'd done, she wanted to fall on her knees and give birth from it, she wanted to hurt me as only a child can be hurt by its mother.

- Jesus' Son, Denis Johnson

Behind all your stories is always your mother's story. Because hers is where yours begin.

- For One More Day, Mitch Albom

I ask you, what good is a big picture window and the lavish appointments and a priceless decor in a home if there is no mother there?

- The Miracle of Forgiveness, Spencer W. Kimball

I couldn't imagine owning beauty like my mothers. I wouldn't dare.

- White Oleander, Janet Fitch

My dad had limitations. That's what my good-hearted mom always told us. He had limitations, but he meant no harm. It was kind of her to say, but he did do harm.

- Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn

There is something about losing your mother that is permanent and inexpressable - a wound that will never quite heal.

- The Goodbye Quilt, Susan Wiggs

I love you every day, Mom

- For One More Day, Mitch Albom

You're the kind of man my mother warned me about.

- Dark Prince, Christine Feehan

You may have tangible wealth untold; caskets of jewels and coffers of gold. Richer than I you can never be. I had a mother who read to me.

- Strickland Gillian

Sometimes being a good mother gets in the way of being a good person.

- A Woman Of Independent Means, Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey

God know that a mother need fortitude and courage and tolerance and flexibility and patience and firmness and nearly every other brave aspect of the human soul.

- Phyllis McGinley

One of the best and the most painful things about time traveling has been the opportunity to see my mother alive.

- The Time Traveler's Wife, Audrey Niffenegger

I went to bed feeling melancholy, wishing I could have poured out all my fears and insecurities to my mom. Wasn't that what normal mothers and daughters did?

- Bloodlines, Richelle Mead

My mother is pure radiance. she is the sun i can touch and kiss and hold without getting burnt.

- Sanober Khan

My mother's life was way too heavy for me.

- The Secret Life of Bees, Sue Monk Kidd

On this Mother's Day and every day before and after, I thank you God for the precious gift of my three children. I love them unconditionally.

- Ana Monnar

Without you there would be no me. I am everything reflected in your eyes. I am everything approved by your smile. I am everything born of your guidance. I am me only because of you.

- Making Wishes: Quotes, Richelle E. Goodrich

My mother believed in all superstitions, plus she made some up.

- Donald E. Westlake

[Everyone needs] a woman who'll listen, take your side, tell the truth - or not, as you need it. A woman you can count on, no matter what, and who'll love you no matter how much you screw up.

- Chasing Fire, Nora Roberts

His home was populated by things and creatures from Niall Lynch's dreams, and his mother was just another one of them

- The Dream Thieves, Maggie Stiefvater

My mother belonged to that group of low IQ individuals who find everything alarming and believe that raising your voice is the most effective form of communication.

- Annabelle R. Charbit

You can't love your mother or father if you don't also have the capacity to grieve their deaths and, perhaps even more so, grieve parts of their lives.

- The 7: Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Life, Glenn Beck

We only have babies when we're young enough not to know how grim life turns out.

- Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, Gregory Maguire

What she did have, after raising two children, was the equivalent of a PhD in mothering and my undying respect.

- Escape, Barbara Delinsky

She also understood there was a hole in her heart where her son should be, that she was a wicked, selfish woman for wishing him back.

- Driving Off Bridges, Shannon Celebi

Every time you drink a glass of milk or eat a piece of cheese, you harm a mother. Please go vegan.

- Gary L. Francione

Piece by piece, my mother is being stolen from me.

- Trash: Stories, Dorothy Allison

Think of your mother and smile for all of the good precious moments.

- Ana Monnar

Compassion is like mother giving love to her children. Mother's ways are higher than others, even when everyone rejects, mother accepts with her arms open and wide.

- Amit Ray

A mother's hardest to forgive. Life is the fruit she longs to hand you Ripe on a plate. And while you live, Relentlessly she understands you.

- Phyllis McGinley

If I were asked to define Motherhood. I would have defined it as Love in its purest form. Unconditional Love. ~~ Revathi Sankaran

- Revathi Sankaran

I wonder if my first breath was as soul-stirring to my mother as her last breath was to me. – From 14 Days: A Mother, A Daughter, A Two-Week Goodbye

- Lisa Goich

There is no one who takes care of us as lovingly as our mother does. She is our living God.

- Mohtasham Usmani

You know who you belong to, Jack?" "Yeah." "Yourself." He's wrong, actually, I belong to Ma.

- Room, Emma Donoghue

You see mother, you had no life of your own. They have no idea. One has only a life of one's own.

- The Poisonwood Bible, Barbara Kingsolver

Maybe a mother wasn't what she seemed to be on the surface.

- Handle with Care, Jodi Picoult

Children are our future we must take care of them with maximum effort.

- Naomi Campbell

I think about my mother singing after lunch on a Summer afternoon, twirling in blue dress across the floor of her dressing room

- The Time Traveler's Wife, Audrey Niffenegger

My mother was an avid reader...She loved books about romance. Books that took place in faraway places and times. Stories with costumes...

- Adriana Trigiani

Being a mother is not a matter of running through a succession of chores.

- What Mothers Do: especially when it looks like nothing, Naomi Stadlen

Mom?" Mother turned to Grandmother. "What?" "She's going to lunch with her kidnapper!" "Take a picture for me," Grandma said.

- Burn for Me, Ilona Andrews

Never argue with a mother who's scolding her child.

- Master of Stupidity, Toba Beta

How could a mother who boils water for pasta leave two little girls behind?

- The Sky Is Everywhere, Jandy Nelson

Out loud I said I had two children. Silently I said three. I always felt like apologizing to her for that.

- The Lovely Bones, Alice Sebold

I love God, Jesus Christ, my three children, mother, father, brother, sisters, family in general, my pets, my students, and true friends.

- Ana Monnar

In half hour my mother has managed to give me what my father couldn't: my past.

- Vanishing Acts, Jodi Picoult

But a mother-son relationship is not a coequal one, is it? He is lonely with only you just as you are lonely with only him.

- Simply Love, Mary Balogh

Mother's ways are higher than others, even when everyone rejects, mother accepts with her arms open and wide.

- Amit Ray

Authority is just and faithful in all matters of promise-keeping; it is also considerate, and that is why a good mother is the best home-ruler.

- Charlotte M. Mason

At eight, he had once told his mother that he wanted to paint air.

- Vladimir Nabokov

Captain Jibby looked at the door, clenched his teeth, and worked his face into a scowl so fierce you would think the door had insulted his mother - which, for the record, it had not.

- Another Whole Nother Story, Cuthbert Soup

A mother is always a mother, since a mother is a biological fact, whilst a father is a movable feast.

- Wise Children, Angela Carter

Mothers are inscrutable beings to their sons, always. ("The Higgler")

- Dusky Ruth: And Other Stories, A.E. Coppard

I want to stay curled and cosied and chocolated....forever in my mother's arms.

- Turquoise Silence, Sanober Khan

He hesitated for a moment. Then he said softly, "I love you, Mother." He took my hand and kissed it, and folded my fingers round the stem of the rose. He had stripped it of its thorns.

- He Shall Thunder in the Sky, Elizabeth Peters

I have no end of failings as a mother, but I have always followed the rules.

- We Need to Talk About Kevin, Lionel Shriver

Who is my mother, and who are my brothers?" Pointing to his disciples, he said, "Here are my mother and my brothers... (Matthew 12:48)

- Holy Bible: New International Version, Anonymous

Seorang ibu akan selalu khawatir memikirkan anaknya, setiap hari selama hidupnya.

- Recipes for a Perfect Marriage, Kate Kerrigan

A mother gives you a life, a mother-in-law gives you her life.

- Amit Kalantri

The school is a mother

- Coração, Edmondo de Amicis

My mother is my friend Who shares with me her bread All my hopelessness cured! Her company makes me secured!

- The Great Hand Book of Quotes, Israelmore Ayivor

Memory for most is a kind of afterlife; for my mother, it is another form of life.

- Motherland: Beyond the Holocaust: A Mother-Daughter Journey to Reclaim the Past, Fern Schumer Chapman

She pondered the arrangements of the paintings on a wall like a writer pondered commas.

- The Discomfort Zone: A Personal History, Jonathan Franzen

You loved me before seeing me; You love me in all my mistakes; You will love me for what I am.

- Luffina Lourduraj

Gone was the reflexive need to see the worst in things. Before the tumors took her life, they gave her a few moments of grace.

- Devotion: A Memoir, Dani Shapiro


- Optically Amplified WDM Networks, Atul Srivastava

I wasn't put on this earth to be housekeeper to my own child or to anyone else for that matter.

- Lynn Freed

Tell me what you'll do if you're captured by the coyotes... Well, that might work, but does your mother live near here?

- Charles M. Schulz

من قال لك أن درب الجنة معبد بالورود؟

- قالوا, أحمد خيري العمري

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