Quotes By Eminent Entrepreneurs That Will Inspire You To Take The Leap Of Faith.

We all have ideas but only a few of us take the leap of faith to convert it to celluloid. A rare breed of risk takers and innovators are the entrepreneurs. American author Tim Ferris once said, "An entrepreneur isn't who owns a business, it's someone who makes things happen." It is not easy to gamble everything when you have no guarantees that your venture will prove beneficial. But the thrill and satisfaction of creating something of their own, be it a software or a product or a service, is what keeps them motivated. With the hardships and struggles comes success and lessons; lessons that lay the foundation for a brighter future. These quotes from some of the renowned entrepreneurs who have battled all odds to emerge at the top will inspire the hidden whizz kid in you. Read about their struggles and perspective on things in their own words.

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